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Without color in design everything would be clear and white if that.  Color adds contrast and pop to any design. Even a black and white design will look better than a white background with nothing on it.


Alphabet Poster

For the alphabet poster i used the letter L. The main word was lily and i had a lily pad with the flower in the mid section of the L. three words were placed around the lily pad and the other seven words were on the vertical side of the L. I put a blue gradient in the background to make it look like the lily pad was in water.

Stacking Order

Stacking order is how objects in a design overlap. All of the elements are incorporated in the design but there are parts of the design more visible. Illustrator stacks each object.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is using different shapes, fonts, and colors to create an image. Graphic design is used in everything we see in the world. Graphic desgin could be the McDonalds logo or even the symbol of a band. Graphic designers usually start of with with a square shape. Graphic design makes anything more memorable.

Gradient is a graduated blend between two or more colors used to fill an object or multiple objects. It must consist of at least two colors to blend the right way. Gradients can be radial or linear.

Tracking and Kerning

Tracking makes the spaces in the word wider or smaller based on how the designer decides to make the word. Kerning makes the space between the letters closer or farther apart. The lower the number is the closer together the word or letters in the word are. The higher the number in the kerning and tracking box are the father apart the letters or word are. Tracking and kerning allows you to make the word seem larger without changing the font size.

Darby Design Logo

I designed this logo by taking a cirle and putting it behind a rectangle. On the top of either side of the rectangle i put a triangle. In the space between the two triangles is the “Darby Design” brand name.

Logo examples

The “msn” logo is composed of two different sized squares.

The Benz logo is made from a circle and some triangular shape. It is eye catching and memorable

How to create a new logo

1. Learn What A Logo Is & What It Represents

2. Know The Principles of Effective Logo Design

3. Learn Off Other’s Successes & Mistakes

4. Establish Your Own Logo Design Process

5. Learn The Software & Complete The Logo


Bitmap vs. Vector

Bitmap vs. vector, bitmap is the worst of the two. It is easily blurred and pixelated. Vector is more clean lined and less easily distorted. Vector is used in most graphic design projects because of that. Vector is just better for any project.