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Concentric is shapes that are sharing the same center point. They rotate around the same axis and depending on what the design is wanted to look like the size of the shapes will increase or decrease.


Tranforming Objects

Transforming means changing an objects’s size, shape, or position on the artboard. All transformations are done in relation to a fixed point (usually the center point of an object.) Reflection, rotation, and shearing are some of the ways that transformations can be done.

African Story Characters.

The Rabbit from the African story “Why mosquitoes buzz in peoples ear was a simple design.I designed the rabbit with mostly elipse circles The enitire character consists of multiple circles, ovals, and  wide circles. The ears I drew with the pen tool to make them look more realistic.

The Cushion Spider from the story was very soft. I gave the spider a soft blue and light blue gradient to make him appear soft. His body and head are multiple circles. The way he is positioned makes him look cuddly.

Vector Art

The design is sleak and simple. The gradient is used on the words and adds a shadow-like effect. The yak in the boat was a clever way to accent the name of the company also.


Attributes effect the apperance of any given design. Typographic attributes includes font, leading, horizontal scale, baseline shift. Artistic attributes include fill color, stroke color, stroke weight, and gradient. The eyedropper tool is most handy for applying all of the attributs to a design.

Drop Shadow

Drop shadow adds dimesion to text or a design. Drop shadow makes things jump of the page. Drop shadow is an effetive way to add different colors to a text without changing design.