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Olympic Sport

This is the new olympic sport karate in  the snow.


Paula’s Posies

I designed this magazine ad with a black background to contrast with the white and yellow flower. The words “Paula’s Posies” has a mask of purple flowers . The two white bars just add a little something to the desgin and tie it in all together

Digital image is a picture in electronic form.  Image editing is a program that allows you to manipulate graphic images so that they can be reproduced by professional printers using full-color processes. Pixels are very small squares that make up a picture. Logo is a distinctive image that you can create that combines symbols, shapes, colors, and text.

The advantages of using layers in a blog post are that if you need something done to an object the layer can be moved instead of all the artwork and there isn’t a risk of messing it up. The way that the heirarchy is the layered is the way it is set up on the screen. Layers make it easy to tell what objects are in a group together.